Fluffy Fleet awaits orders, Commander!

Collection from the first NFT-losers on Ethereum*

Mint now!

What's this?

The collection of 1024 NFTs

A little quantity

Maybe the collection will be minted completely

Retro launch

No pre-sales and no waiting to see your NFT

32x32 pixelart

It looks like the first collections from amateurs

2 generations

Owning 2 NFTs of the first generation gives more opportunities

9 military ranks

Each bear has a military rank, now his ration depends on it

Rename NFT

Save up tokens and rename your soldiers however you want

Lead an army

This is not a baby, these are marine!

If you have 2 officers of the first generation, then you can initiate the awakening of one of the 1024 soldiers of the second generation

High Command

The first bears to lead the Fuzzy Fleet. Their task is to bring the ships of the CyberBearz into the ETH space, search for resources and awaken the officers of the second wave

Hibernation Capsules

In order to save resources, part of the fleet crew was placed in cryo-sleep. Two High Command officers can initiate a protocol to wake the second generation bears out of hibernation

Space Marine

Auxiliary composition of the Fluffy Fleet and combat assault, designed to conduct special operations, capture and research new technologies in the ETH space

Hand me a can, soldier!

To pilot ships in the extreme conditions of the ETH space, CyberBearz receive a special stimulating drink, $CyberSoda. This enhances the reflexes and expands the consciousness of the fighters

$CyberSoda every day

Even a second generation soldier, Space Marine, gets rations

Quantity depends on rank

The higher the rank, the more cans of $CyberSoda per day

Community and interaction token

This token will be the basis of the ETH community for decision making

Great Furry War

You are now on the Honey Front!

Mr. White:

CyberBearz is one of the oldest collections of the new generation*, our team has seen a lot of things. But we took the best

Roadmap of the Honey Front

Creation of the ETH Community

Formation of a reliable and close-knit community of CyberBearz 2048 holders.

Promotion of the CyberBearz 2048 collection to blue chips through joint efforts and community actions, including the use of DAO tools and the support of BearzVerse partners.

Keeping the high price of floor and its constant rise, maintaining high activity and shortage of CyberBearz 2048 in the secondary market, thanks to the coordinated actions of the community.

Partnering with large projects in the WEB3 space to find unique offers for CyberBearz 2048 holders (e.g. drops, WL, etc.)

Discussing the state of the NFT market, blue chip actions, and taking action by the community to ensure the collection stays visible and never loses value.

Allocation of grants for talented holders of CyberBearz 2048. Assistance in the development of smart contracts, information support in the development of their projects. Partnership and integration in BearzVerse.

Access to random $CYBERSODA airdrops.

Airdrop to next BearzVerse collections to ETH or SOLANA.


Background staking is immediately available, in which NFT brings $CYBERSODA every day (the amount depends on the rank of CyberBear), without the need to hold it on another smart contract. This will allow creating the second generation of NFTs, as well as taking part in the life of the community and solving important issues in the development of BearzVerse.

Part of the ETH will go to $CYBERSODA liquidity. A total of 4,096,000 $CYBERSODA will be issued, which is enough for one year if the entire collection of 2,048 NFTs is active.

The liquidity of $CYBERSODA will be replenished from royalties and the BearzVerse ecosystem.


A community wallet will be created. Part of the ETH will be immediately allocated to the community wallet. The wallet will be funded from royalties and the BearzVerse ecosystem.

DAO tool will be created. With the help of the $CYBERSODA token, important issues will be resolved by the community: where to send ETH from the community wallet (purchases of NFTs or other investments), to invest in the development of CyberBearz 2048 or other BearzVerse projects, etc.


Full integration of NFT CyberBearz 2048 characters with CyberBearz The Game on BNB Chain.

Evolution and contribution to WEB3

Integration of CyberBearz 2048 into other metaverses of Web3 projects. Forming a partnership to enable the use of NFTs in the form of 2D, 3D and VX avatars. Projects for partnership will be selected by the community and should be of interest to it.

Information support for promising and interesting projects. Special priority for pixelated collections and games that are ready to be integrated into BearzVerse and CyberBearz The Game.

Hm... It's all?

Nobody knows how the NFT will develop and what will happen tomorrow with the cryptocurrency market and blockchain. Therefore, it is not far-sighted to make plans too ambitious. We are soldiers, therefore, will be based on the situation and act according to the circumstances


And once again about CyberBearz 2048

We would like to highlight here a few points that relate to the development and new collection at ETH!

Redesigned bears

It is not so noticeable, but we took into account some nuances, removed unnecessary emotions and accessories. While it's still not a professional job, the bears seem to look better

More CyberPunk

It was only on the third attempt that we managed to bring the CyberBears closer to something similar to CyberPunk, as far as it is actually possible in a 32 by 32 pixel picture

Suitable for avatars!

We tried to make sure that each bear fits well not only in the circle, but also in the newfangled hex from Twitter! Would love to see more of these!

*Before minting

Find out how it all started and why our team is the very first losers!

We were one of the first to launch a smart contract at the beginning of 2021 (Apr 2). Only 8 CyberBearz were minted


Are you ready son?

Then wait for the official mint date!

About all the conditions of minting, check in the community!



We are few, but we are united

Join our army today to become a general tomorrow! We need active guys, on all fronts!